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September 1, 2011

Our recent release to the production 3DR server includes an exciting new feature: A REST API. This API will enable other applications to leverage the services available through the 3DR website. You will be able to retrieve models in all the available formats, search, download textures and view metadata. This will allow developers to write model search and download functionality into their product – much like the SecondLife integration video posted earlier on this blog. For example, an application could download a model with the following URL.

In order to keep some statistics on use, you’ll need to get an API key for your account. This will allow us to associate users of the API with user profiles in our members database. Application developers may use their key on behalf of all uses of their product, or they may require a unique key for each user of their software. You can create a new key from the Profile page on the main 3DR web interface.

Documentation is available here:


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